How to plan a backyard wedding

Where do we begin wedding planning?

Joey proposed at the very end of April in Tropea in the South of Italy. We’re both thrilled that we are getting married but planning kind of gets pushed aside for all the of the weddings that we’re documenting. As wedding photographers you’d think we’d know where to begin but we didn’t have a single idea. We know that we want a backyard reception but there just aren’t a lot of resources on how to plan a backyard wedding. The whole process seems so overwhelming and we have so many ideas but no place to start.

What we’ve done so far

1. We’ve picked a date!

2. We made a logo which is just a fancier monogram – blog post to come on this.

3. We picked colors and made a mood board.


To be fair as soon as we got home from our trip to Italy where Joey proposed we bought a house and decided that we want a backyard reception. We both love a challenge and free creative reign so we decided to wait until we moved into the house to see if the backyard was big enough. Well, shocker (to no one but me) we couldn’t just eyeball the size to know if 250 people would fit and googling How to Plan a Backyard wedding resulted in the answer of “don’t.”

Undeterred we decided to consult the pros to determine if our backyard was big enough.  As wedding photographers we know to trust our pros but I hadn’t thought of asking for help. A few local websites have really helpful guides on how many square feet you’ll need per person. At 90 x 120 our backyard is said to fit well over 250 people.


This is the first post in our wedding planning series – follow along with the rest here

You can also see our proposal video below!

Make sure you turn the sound on! Here’s our proposal video! Thanks Matt! 🇮🇹💍👰🏼🤵🏻

Posted by Lauren Kremer on Sunday, April 29, 2018

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