Erin + Zach | Sugar Valley Golf Club

Erin and Zach are two of the most amazing people we’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Their outdoor ceremony at Sugar Valley Golf Club was filled with tears and a bit of rain but they smiled through it all. During their ceremony Zach’s brother, the officiant read a sentence that each of their nearest and dearest family members had wrote about them. Zach’s were filled with how he cared for his father before he passed away. That’s something not all college students would be able to make time or have the compassion to do. Erin’s were filled with how she loves and takes care of both her and Zach’s nieces and nephews. Always doing it with a smile and always having fun. Together their family spoke so highly of them and their accomplishments. Their accomplishments are things that they’re both so humble and gracious you’d never know. We had the opportunity to spend time with them in their engagement session and phone calls and never knew half of how amazing they are.  Their families spoke of  how much they’ve both accomplished and how much they’ve given back to their community, family and friends. They’re two people that really make the world better.

During dinner we were lucky enough to sit with some of their friends who told us all about Zach and Erin. They told us Zach was part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and how he had chosen to have one of his Little Brothers be the one that signed their marriage license. Just one more little detail that was so thoughtful and sincere. They told us all about Erin and how happy and helpful she always is. Everyone involved in their wedding told us something new and inspiring about them separately and together. That’s how we know they make a great couple.

Though it rained for a lot of the day they just laughed and had the best day. To us that’s the sign of an amazing marriage and two wonderful people.


Erin and Zach we are so lucky that you chose us to document your wedding day. You’re both wonderful people that we’re so glad we got to know.

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