Our Wedding Video and Fav Photos

Today is our one year anniversary of being married! The year has flown by and been filled with fun and happiness and lots of ice cream.


I could’ve easily shared every single one of our photos and all of the video but this is just a bit of our favorite!


When we were deciding where we wanted to have our wedding we knew we wanted a backyard vibe but we couldn’t find anyone that had a backyard to fit 250+ people. Luckily, we were also house shopping and found our house a month after we got engaged. We closed on July 27th, which had nothing to do with our July 27th wedding date, that’s just a funny coincidence. We moved in and to appease ourselves measured it because we knew it wouldn’t be big enough for everyone. Well, then we measured it and measured it again and again and again and we kept doing this up until the month we got married because we couldn’t believe it was big enough but I’m an eternal optimist and it all worked out!


We’re both big DIY’ers, if we find something we love we’ll usually go home and make it. Our wedding was no exception, Joey built the bar off of a Pinterest photo that I found and we made pretty much every other aspect that we could. Every little detail of the day either we made or someone that we love made for us. My aunt and cousins did all of the florals, Joey’s Mom, Aunts and Nonna made a bunch of cookies for a cookie table, both of our Mom’s and Aunts, Cousins and Friends and I did countless DIY projects and we had a big Pom Pom party where all of our families and friends helped make all of the Pom Poms and tassels that we used! Not to mention the countless other projects that we had so much help with. We truly appreciate everything that everyone did for us. Shutout to my Cricut and Photoshop!

Our wedding was a mix of everything and everyone that we love! We are so happy that we got to spend such a wonderful day celebrating our love with everyone that we love!




Video – Ryan Sweeney and Eric Ransbottom

Photo – Eleven11

Dress – Rue de Seine from Lovely Bride Cincinnati

Suits – Asos

Bridesmaids Dresses – Cleobella

Florals – Family

Floral Jewelry – Village General Farms

Caterer – Catch a Fire Pizza

Hair and Makeup РBefore/After Beauty 



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