Jodi and Michael | 21c Hotel Wedding with a Fire

Perhaps the most interesting wedding we’ve had the chance to document was Jodi and Michaels. They started getting ready for their wedding at the 21c Museum Hotel in Downtown Cincinnati. Just as Jodi sat to begin makeup the fire alarm went off. We all thought it was a test until we looked out the window and saw firetrucks. We grabbed Jodi’s BHLDN dress and wedding rings and everyone went out the emergency exit. It was, in fact, a pretty large fire. Walking down the emergency exit past the floor where their wedding and reception were supposed to be held the smoke was thick and burned your eyes and lungs. Everyone exited the hotel safely and so we did the only thing we could-stand on the street and watch the fire and firetrucks.


After finding out from the wedding coordinator that it wasn’t exactly a small fire Jodi decided to get ready in Nicholson’s pub. Shorty after doing her makeup at the bar and getting dressed in the bathroom Jodi and Michael were allowed back inside for just a few minutes to get married.

Jodi walked up the aisle with her Father and Step-Father to her groom she had been waiting through the chaos to see. Jodi and Michael’s friend married them through tears of happiness and a small group of their family and friends watched tearfully. Their intimate ceremony was followed by cracking up their favourite beer and celebrating before going up to their room to cut the cake that Jodi’s mom made.

Cake was followed by an intimate dinner at Sotto that the 21c Hotel Wedding coordinator arranged and the end of an interesting but very happy day.



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