Katie + Michael | The Center Cincinnati Wedding

We’ve been editing and shooting pretty much everyday since mid-August! Now that we’re slowing down a bit we’re back to your regularly scheduled blogging!

Weddings are the start of a new adventure together for everyone, for Katie and Michael their wedding was the beginning of a very real new adventure-moving to a new city together! Their beautiful wedding day at Saint Monica Saint George followed by a reception at The Center in Cincinnati was following by packing up  moving to San Antonio the next day. Their love for each other and their families was clear in every part of their emotional day, from Michaels grandpas cross, that Katie’s Mother-in-Law gifted her on the morning of their wedding to Katie’s dad emotional speech about how the only time she had been away from home was when she was young and “ran away” with her blue suitcase. Michael and his mom shared an emotional first dance and his brother kept everyone smiling. Both of their families surrounded them with love and support as they began their new life together.


Katie and Michael we loved spending the nice warm day with you and documenting the first day of your very new adventure together!


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