10 Skin Care Tips from a Sephora Girl to prep for your wedding

10 Tips from a Pro is a series I’ve been wanting to start for awhile now, I hope you like it! 

I met Rachel Baer while I was working at Sephora right after graduating college before really considering myself a professional photographer. We bonded over our mutual obsession with makeup but more specifically skin care. Rachel is fantastic at doing makeup and has wonderful skin care recommendations. Joey and I interviewed Rachel and had her demonstrate some skin care and makeup tips for us so that you can have an insider’s look at how to get ready to have your makeup done for your wedding day (or any day for that matter)


1.) Start any new skin care routine a minimum of 3 months before your wedding day. Products usually take 4-6 weeks to work!

2.) Start with a good skin care routine.


3.) Drink lots of water! At least 80 ounces a day will keep your skin hydrated. When you drink water your vital organs get the hydration first and your skin gets it last. 

4.) Stay away from water that is too hot. It is bad for skin and helps create texture. Warm water is the way to go. 

5.) Use an eye cream! If you’ve ever wondered why under eye concealer won’t work, it’s because the skin under your eyes needs some more love. The molecules of regular moisturizer are too big to penetrate your thinner eye skin, so using an eye cream will make your concealer glide on and prevent it from creasing. 

6.) Talk with your makeup artist. Tell them what you want – they won’t be offended. Tell them if you have allergies or if you’re worried about skin texture. Chances are they can recommend products that will heal your woes. Healing the skin is easier than covering up any worries you may have.

1 Week Before the Wedding

7.) Don’t drink, smoke or self-tan, all of these will dry out your skin. If you want to self-tan do it at least one week before to give your skin time to replenish moisture and to blend into your skin, leaving you with a natural glow instead of an orange tint. 

8.) Drink a lot of water and get extra sleep. Not only will you look good but you’ll feel good too. 

9.) Stick with your regular skin care routine. As tempting as it can be to try something new,  chances are it will break you out or you’ll have a bad reaction. Feel free to experiment and find out what’s best for your skin but do it well before your wedding!  

10.) The night before your wedding use a hydrating mask (that you frequently use) and remember to have fun it’s your wedding day!


Rachel is your go-to girl for any skin care or makeup needs!

Leave your questions in the comments below and let me know if you like this new series!

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