Abhi and Anusha | Cincinnati Nischithaartham

When we first met Abhi and Anusha their love for each other was evident in everything that they did. Their love is easy and their joy is contagious. It is so easy to see that they were made for each other and that they bring so much happiness to each other. We loved meeting you both so much and we wish you the very best in life and love. 

Joey and I had the sincere honor of covering Abhi and Anusha’s Nischithaartham. We weren’t exactly sure what a Nischithaartham was but we did our research and couldn’t have been more excited to be included. A Nischithaartham is more of a formal engagement, where the wedding date is officially decided based on horoscopes and planetary position. One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is when we are invited to a ceremony whether it is a wedding, an engagement or a Nischithaartham ( or anything else – we love new things and traditional things!) and being treated like family. Abhi and Anusha’s families were so wonderful at explaining what each part of the ceremony was and offering us lots and lots of amazing food! We get to spend many of the most important parts of one of the most important parts of your life with you and we really value that love and trust. 

Thank you so much for including us in your day Abhi and Anusha, we left feeling like family and with some of our favorite photos and video ever! 


What you may not know is that Joey is not only a wonderful photographer but he is also a great videographer and while we usually photograph everything together
he made a fantastic video of their day! 


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