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Quinn was away on a business trip right before his and Caitlins engagement session.Caitlin missed him very much.Caitlin and Quinn have the magnetic type of love that makes us love being engagement photographers.We had so much fun exploring Khron Conservatory with them and turning their love into art. 

Brian Manor is a neat old place that is finally nearing completion after 30 years of renovations. When Erin asked if we wanted to do their engagement photos there we said, “heck yeah!” We met Erin and Zach and explored the grounds and the architecture. We had a great time hanging out and even got […]

Katelyn and Nick wanted to go on an adventure for their engagement photos so we drove up to Yellow Springs. Ohio. Leaving Cincinnati there was about a 99% chance of rain but we thought, “why not?” The sky was black and Katelyn called to let us know her window broke on the way up and […]

Findlay market is a great place for engagement photos in Cincinnati – it’s historic and beautiful! As a photographer in Cincinnati, I’ve only ever had the chance to shoot at Findlay market once before and it was for one of my first ever photojournalism classes at the University of Cincinnati, so it was great to […]

We met up with Kirbi and Chris at Washington Park for their engagement session on a slightly dreary day in March. The weather didn’t matter because they have such bright, fun-loving personalities it could’ve been pouring and I have a feeling we still would’ve had the best time.Kirbi and Chris compliment each other perfectly, Chris was […]

When you meet Adam and Kartika it’s clear how much they care for each other. He puts his arm around her, she sweetly smiles at him. It’s the kind of love you can not only see, but feel when you meet them. Their wedding at Urban Artifact in Cincinnati, OH, was an intimate family affair. […]

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