We live for

We have a Lab Mix named Lady Bird, more commonly called "Bird, Baby Bird Bird, Little B, Lil Baby." She's usually the best pup in the world- just don't leave any socks around and everything is great!

She's pretty goofy and floofy and frequently models in our editorial shoots!

our pup Lady Bird


We live for

We have a coffee bar in our house and more than one or two coffee makers (maybe even 2 nespressos.) We're always headed somewhere, if Lauren doesn't have a trip on the horizon she gets a little anxious. Joey just travels for the coffee. 

We also loveeee pizza.

Coffee & traveling


We live for

Joey can build or fix anything you can imagine, Lauren just enjoys helping. We love baking, woodworking, calligraphy (even if we're not good at it) & pretty much anything that we can let loose and get creative with.

making things


What makes us Different?





We don't limit time. We want to tell your story well and that includes not walking out before we document every important moment. We're there for the long haul you don't have to worry about time constraints.

We're fun! There's no reason for anyone to think they're more important than you are on your wedding day. We're there to be a happy friendly face when you look out into the audience or when you want to be alone during your first look.

You only get lead shooters. We never have a second shooter whether it's photo, video or both you're getting all shooters who could do it on their own but choose to give you something even better.

It's us! The only time you're getting someone who isn't Lauren and Joey is when we do photo and video and bring along a really qualified videographer.