It's really an honor to get to spend one of the best days of your life with you and we really take that to heart.

We'll cry with your mom when she reads the letter your wrote- even if your sister is in the corner laughing before she swoops in for a hug. We'll pin on all of the guys boutonnieres and remind you that corsages go on the left hand and that you can do whatever the heck you want. We'll walk to your first look with you and whisper a few tips before giving you plenty of space to squeeze the person of your dreams. We'll back you up when you do or don't want to take an extra 25 minutes of family photos. We'll keep your timeline running smoothly and carry a few tissues while we remind you to be present and cry those happy tears. This day only happens once, we'll document it all and create your very first heirloom as your new family.




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You spend a significant amount of time planning your wedding and we want you to know that we're with you every step of the way. 

We'll create your perfect wedding day timeline for you. We mail out our wedding guide with tons of information that we've gathered from documenting so many weddings and from planning our own. We're always here for questions or just to be a friend. 


Our Experience

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We go into every wedding day thinking of you! Our main goal when documenting weddings is to show you through your photos. You're unique and so is your wedding so we tailor our approach to each wedding to the two of you. Whether you want to spend a full hour or 3 minutes on portraits, great we're there. 


Our Approach

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1. We don't limit time. We want to tell your story well and that includes not walking out before we document every important moment. We're there for the long haul, you don't have to worry about time constraints.

2. We're fun! There's no reason for anyone to think they're more important than you are on your wedding day. We're there to be a happy, friendly face when you look out into the audience or when you want to be alone during your first look.

3. You only get lead shooters. We never have a second shooter whether it's photo, video or both you're getting all shooters who could do it on their own but choose to work together to give you something even better.

4. It's us! The only time you're getting someone who isn't Lauren and Joey is when we do photo and video and bring along our videographer, Matt.


What Makes us Dinnerent

Our Process

Photo Begins at $2,600
Video Begins at $1,500
Full Day Photo & Video Bundled Together Begins at &4,000


What's Included?

Each of our packages include plenty of time.  

All fees are included, so the number you see is what you pay. 

We create a Customized Timeline for everyone.

All photos are delivered in an online gallery and via a USB.

We also send out our Wedding Guide filled with everything we've learned about wedding from going to so many.

Friendly faces! 

To secure your wedding date we require a 25% retainer and Signed Contract and then we're all yours! We only ever book one wedding per day, never any overlapping.

We edit every photo that we deliver to you. On average we shoot around 3,000 photos on a wedding day and we deliver an average of 1,000 photos back to you. The photos that make the cut are the very best and the ones that we don't deliver to you are the outtakes, closed eyes, funny faces etc.

Always Joey and Lauren. the only time we bring someone else on it is our videographer friend matt Stalf. He's worked with us on every video that you see on our website and we really love him!

Absolutely! The number one reason we love shooting weddings is that we get to celebrate your unique day with you. We accept and love all types of weddings and couples!

APPROXIMATELY 8 weeks after the wedding. We are very detailed and edit every single photo.

We like to get there one hour before you get dressed, so that everyone is made up and ready to be in photos, we don't want anyone to hide from us BECAUSE they don't feel ready! We stay about an hour into open dancing, we cover plenty of dancing and head out once no one wants to remember what their dancing looked likE!

ABSOLUTELY! That's one of the reasons we love this job! We've been all over and can't wait to go everywhere else!

How do we secure our date with you?

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Who will be Shooting my Wedding?

So our wedding is really unique/traditional/religious will you still shoot it?

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How many hours will you be at my wedding?

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