Brian + Britt

Perhaps the sweetest thing about Brian and Britt’s wedding was all of the thought that they put in to include others and to make it a special day for not only themselves but also for their families.

When Britt’s parents got married they didn’t have a first dance so Britt surprised them with one following her and Brian’s. Brian’s twin brother and best man spoke with love of not only Brian and Britt but also of how Britt’s family welcomed him into their family along with Brian. Britt’s brother Dustin got up and gave a speech, thanking Brian for being his brother and “taking him wherever he wanted to go.” I don’t think there was a dry eye during his speech, it was so touching. 

Getting to know you Brian and Britt has been so fun and meaningful. Thank you for welcoming us into your family on your wedding day and for continuing to be such a wonderful couple. We wish you the very best and we know that your life together will be filled with fun and happiness. 

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